Gyossait Hot Stuff! Itchio 

[Game Gone Free][$8.00 ->$0.00]Gyossait Deluxe Edition

Gyossait, the critically acclaimed horror-platformer from Newgrounds is now available for download and offline play. Bonus content: Complete Mp3 soundtrack, including unused tracks. Art Gallery featuring works from various artists. Unused visual elements. An early prototype of Gyossait, and the un-released prequel, Uzaza. Development Trivia. Three extra games. Au Sable, All Of Our Friends Are Dead, and The Hunt. Download Here

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In The Kingdom Hot Stuff! Itchio 

[Game Gone Free][$5.00 ->$0.00] In The Kingdom

In The Kingdom is a twisted retro first person shooter inspired by the classic titles like Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Rise Of The Triad, and Chasm. Explore the hellish ruins of a forgotten castle fortress poisoned by dark magic and evil forces. Survive to the last and discover a new destiny. –A Note– In the kingdom is a small vertical slice of a larger concept we hope to elaborate on. We chose to create this as a “Pilot episode” in order to gauge peoples reactions to the idea. This is our…

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Everybody Got Mad! Hot Stuff! Itchio 

[Game Gone Free][$3.00 ->$0.00] Everybody Got Mad!

Everybody Got Mad is a competitive (local) two player game which also features a single player bot training stage. This project began in november as a conversation over too much caffeine at a local cafe. While showing a few friends how I develop games, I decided to include them into the process and together we developed this frantic surreal little thing you see now before you. We had non-artists create concept art. Non level-designers design levels, and non-musicians come up with melodies. It was then my job to try and…

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