Metapod - Podcast Manager Android Android Apps 

[App Gone Free][$0.99 -> $0.00] Metapod – Podcast Manager

Metapod keeps it simple: subscribe, download, listen. But it also offers powerful configuration options for nearly all functions so you can customize it to your needs.   Metapod features include: * No advertisement, no analytics, no accounts, no data mining – Just a podcast app that works. * Dedicated support and quick response times. * Prioritize podcast playback – Lets you listen to your daily Podcasts before your weekly ones. * Easily search and find your podcast episodes. * Per-Channel settings – lets you override the app’s general settings so…

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Deep Space VR Android Android games Game Deals Hot Stuff! 

[Game Gone Free][$0.99 -> $0.00] Deep Space VR

Deep space VR – is a science fiction film about the universe, but you are not just a simple spectator, rather a passenger on a spaceship. Thanks to the technologies of virtual reality, any one of us has the chance to take a look into the depths of the universe from a first-person point-of-view. – The application uses Virtual Reality technology. – Works on all VR glasses compatible with Google Cardboard technology. – Educational purposes suitable, all information is accurate scientifically and taken from academic sources. Compatible with: Homido, View…

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Balance Ball Reach Android Android games Game Deals 

[Game Gone Free][$1.49 -> $0.00] Balance Ball Reach

Balance Ball Reach is a 3D puzzle, logic, and balance game. Control the ball to travel through the path and reach the goal portal within limited time. Pick up hourglasses to get more time. A hard ball game. Difficult and not easy game. Balance and Rolling ball game… Control the ball by arrow control on the screen. you are able to move the camera by arrow control on Horizontal all way around…. The ball movement is flexible & fast…. You will see traps on your way, and some moving barrel….

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Charlie's Planet Android Android games Game Deals Hot Stuff! 

[Game Gone Free][$1.99 -> $0.00] Charlie’s Planet

Educational, non-addictive and ad-free game for kids from 3 to 5 years old. Charlie’s Planet is a colorful and cheerful game that contains puzzles of various difficulty and gameplay. The game is designed to educate kids on the life of animals in their natural habitat. We have carefully chosen animals of various appearance and behavior—while playing a kid learns how to compare them, thus learns to categorize, sort and organize. Such skills will be really helpful further in life. Besides, puzzles themselves are very useful for kid’s development: they improve…

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Retrocon - Watch Face Android Android Apps Hot Stuff! 

[APP GONE FREE][$0.99 -> $0.00] Retrocon – Watch Face

The retro digital watch face inspired by 80s consoles and games that still hold a special place in our hearts. Features: ★ Wear 2.0 ready ★ Very battery efficient ★ Automatic 12/24 support based on device settings ★ Date and month ★ Ambient mode support ★ Press and hold to choose your text color on digital time font ★ Tap watch face to cycle game backgrounds ★ Hearts in the game background show watch battery level ★ Round and square watch support This Android Wear watch face does not have…

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SkanApp hands-free doc scanner Android Android Apps Hot Stuff! 

[APP GONE FREE][$0.99 -> $0.00] SkanApp

Place your smartphone in the Skanstick, available on Amazon and, and enjoy the benefits of scanning naturally, in place. Having both hands free, enhanced by Augmented Reality buttons, lets you hold and scan stapled documents, folded receipts, books and magazines and even add voice remarks without touching the phone. With the app’s incredible speed of 250+ pages in 10 minutes¹, you can declutter your office by scanning all those documents in big three-ring binders and piles of folded receipts quickly and easily. When used in a hand-held mode, especially…

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Android Android Apps 

[APP GONE FREE][$0.99 -> $0.00] My EJuice Lab

Simple Calculator – Use up to 20 concentrates & be able to screenshot the results Advanced Fully Featured Calculator; Fully adjustable nicotine base ratio Fully adjustable base ratio Input base ratio, desired nic strength and desired final amount Input up to 10 flavours into a single mix Full stock control – let the app take care of the stock of your PG/VG/Nic/Concentrates and know before you start mixing if you have enough to make your requirements Cost per mix – know exactly how much each mix costs you Load previous…

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Clock Maker Pro Android Android Apps Hot Stuff! 

[APP GONE FREE][$0.99 -> $0.00] Clock Maker Pro

Clock Maker – is a program-widget, which can be configured as you have in mind! You can locate widget elements (hours, minutes, date, weather, battery charge level) in any place within widget relatively to desktop wallpapers. You can place unlimited number of elements upon widget which can overlap each other creating 3D-effect, shadows and so on. It’s all limited only by your imagination! Any widget sizes are supported. Download Now : Playstore Link

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Avoid_It Android Android games Game Deals Hot Stuff! 

[Game Gone Free][$0.99 -> $0.00] Avoid It

The ultimate test for survival has just begun! There is no safety. Every single step is a new daring maneuver as you run, jump and roll through the hills of an ancient civilization, featuring a variety of traps that only grow in difficulty. Run for your life from a nightmarish tentacled horror that wants to see you exterminated! You are Zero, the lone survivor of your people, tasked by the spirit of your father to take your family’s ethereal light energy to the top of the mystic hill. Beware adventurer;…

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